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Adventure series

Imagining new worlds.
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HEALING through adventure

Exploring mental health themes in engaging, action-adventure series designed to entertain and spark positive social discussion.
handwritten: Violet J Sci-fi World

upcoming live-action television series

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Like the celebrated"Avatar the Last AirBender" television series, Doorway's upcoming "Violet J." television series is designed to be an entertaining and educational healing experience. When we watch carefully crafted films and television, we can experience HEALING through immersion in a narrative adventure with underlying mental health themes, educational stories of emotional growth, maturity, and wisdom.
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Violet J.


Upcoming 2024:
Series Goals:
Bringing healing to mainstream entertainment: Creating an action-adventure television series set in the SCI-FI universe of an optimistic soon to be future where scientific research is funded and prioritized by governments, where we make great leaps in medicine, successfully manage climate change, and human society exists in great peace. Think an entire cinematic universe like the Marvel Cinematic Universe- but one that is excited about the future of science, promotes cooperation and understanding between governments, and is optimistic about the great possibilities of humanity’s development! For this project, we are fostering collaborations between screenwriters, scientists, and journalists to develop the series. Similar to Mandalorian, we will build the world in cutting edge 3-D realtime creation platform UnReal Engine. The first season of the series is currently set for a 2024 release date. The optimistic SCI-FI universe will exist as both television series and an interactive, educational video game.
Estimated Release Date: 2024

Series Logline:
Heir to a scandal-ridden biotech family business empire, teenage martial arts champ Jinlee flees to the US and transforms into glam bodyguard to Hollywood’s elite. 11 years later, when her K-pop star first love goes missing back in Seoul, she’s forced to finally face her family’s enemies or lose the one she loves.

Character Journey & Series Synopsis:
“Shifter: Violet Jay” is an action-adventure, mystery series set in an idealistic soon-to-be future sci-fi world, with light-hearted young adult romance and drama combined with a deeper and honest exploration of mental health themes, such as PTSD, gaslighting, addiction, abuse, and overcoming trauma.

31-year-old bodyguard Jinlee Cho, nicknamed “Violet Jay” by her childhood crush for her saturate, genetically-altered purple eyes, returns to her hometown of Seoul after eleven years in Los Angeles. Jinlee finds herself on a mission to rescue a long-lost love from her youth: a K-Pop rockstar named “Starlight”, whose voice has been haunting Jinlee’s dreams. The search for Starlight takes Jinlee down a rabbit hole of unexpected family secrets, a dark business rivalry with an underground mafia, secret biotech devices that can alter and erase memories, and atonement for a murder Jinlee herself may have committed thirteen years prior. Not even Jinlee herself knows the full truth: her memories have been tampered with, and she can’t remember clearly if she is the killer.

With the help of her high school friend Kuro, who is now a Seoul police officer (and still hopelessly in love with Jinlee), they piece together the bread crumbs of what happened to Starlight, why she went missing, and where she is now. But while on the search for Starlight, when Jinlee is suddenly kidnapped herself- she realizes whoever forced Starlight into hiding may want Jinlee dead too.
When Jinlee gets in over her head, her skilled and eclectic family in America flies to Seoul to join Kuro in the rescue: resourceful and rebellious cousin Malie, 22 (Afro-Asian, disabled, a quick mind and witty sense of humor), quiet yet cunning cousin Seoro, 34 (a diplomat and an animal whisperer) and uncle Henry, 59 (born in Seoul but an American Southern country boy at heart).

However, not only does Jinlee’s family on earth come to the rescue- Jinlee is shocked to find sudden assistance from her deceased family members, who show up in spirit form to provide support: Jinlee’s parents, her step-aunt Ava (Henry’s African-American wife), and Korean-Malaysian grandmother Michelle Cho, original CEO of the biotech company Cho Industries. In Jinlee’s darkest moment, the barriers between heaven and earth seem to thin, the moral lines between goodness and darkness in her own past finally become clear, and she steps forth to accept her destiny, realizing choosing goodness sometimes means forgiving and loving even those that seem the most submerged in the dark.

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"Sometimes life is like this dark tunnel. You can't always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you just keep moving... you will come to a better place."

-Uncle Iroh, 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'.
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