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HEALING through art"From My Mind to Yours" Dance Poems:
Doorway's first audience-interactive art initiative

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mental-emotional healing through artistic expression
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Happening Now! 2021:
"From My Mind to Yours" Dance Poem project:

For our first audience-interactive Indie Doorway initiative, we’re inviting our audience members to send us original poems about their mental health.

We will then hire actors to read the poems aloud, musicians to compose to them, and dancers to choreograph performances to the poems! Once recorded and filmed, we will post these Dance-Poem films on Youtube for anyone to be able to see and access, as well as on our Doorway platform. Selected poetry writers can choose to be credited with their name, a nickname, or remain anonymous.

We will keep all submitted original poems in a database that Doorway collaborating actors, musicians, and choreographers can look through. We're inviting our performing artists to choose themselves the poems they feel most connected to and want to express. Even if you submit a poem that isn't selected immediately, we'll still keep it in our databases- so you may be contacted about it being selected several months later!

We hope this can be a positive, interactive healing experience for audiences to have their voices heard and expressed creatively and collaboratively. Expressing our emotions through artistic mediums can be a healing force!

You can submit a poem with the form at the bottom of this page, or send via e-mail to

Looking forward to the poetic words coming out of your mind and into the world!

-"From My Mind to Yours" Dance-Poem Project Team

portrait of Isabel Allende
“Writing is a process, a journey into memory and the soul.”
“Write what should not be forgotten.”

―Chilean writer Isabel Allende

portrait of N.K. Jemisin
“So here is why I write what I do: We all have futures. We all have pasts. We all have stories. And we all, every single one of us, no matter who we are and no matter what’s been taken from us or what poison we’ve internalized or how hard we’ve had to work to expel it— we all get to dream.”

―American fiction writer N.K. Jemisin
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Initiative Goals

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from Doorway feature film"Permission to Exist":
Links to 2018 dance films by Indie Doorway

teenage girl tries to stay calm as fellow students try to alter her face with make up without her permission

"Nothing Wrong with Me"
written by Kierra Gray
additional music composition by Max Witt
sung by Krista Katzenmeyer
choreography by JeongHwa Oh

Korean office workers dance in frustration and sadness in office at night

"Requiem for a Lost Dream"
music by Max Witt
choreography by Dongjun Seo

teenage girl in school uniform stands in field at night

"Who Am I"
singer-songwriter Kate Davis
additional musical arrangement by Pascal Le Beouf
choreography by JeongHwa Oh

Submit an Original Poem

Submit your original poem here, and we'll add it to our database of poems we select from to create dance choreography. If your poem is selected, we will contact you in advance to confirm. Poems can be given public credit to the writer, or the author can choose to remain anonymous if preferred.

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