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Indie Moon Interviews

Learning to look without fear.
Seeing ourselves.
Sharing what we see.

HEALING through introspection

the journey. the self. the influences. the vision.

Uncovering the subtle influences on our mental health so we can change our habits and environment to be our best selves.
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open the doorway to healing
"Healer's MasterClass":

a series of fun and engaging MasterClasses with physical and mental healthcare professionals, disability activi

making the subconscious conscious.

the subtle. the not-so-subtle.

the doorway to self-reflection.

“Like the moon influences the ocean tides, the INDIE MOON interview series explores the invisible forces in our lives that have affected our mental health.”

Interviews with artists, activists, authors, journalists, educators, mental health professionals, and more

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The Moon:
The way the moon invisibly and slowly pulls the ocean tides, what appears as a subtle and quiet force immensely changes the geography of the earth every day.

Like the moon invisibly pulls the ocean, are there invisible forces that pull on our minds each day?

The INDIE MOON interview series asks its interviewees about the subtle and not so subtle influences that shaped their lives- and specifically, their mental health.

The Concept:
Interviews with artists, activists, mental health professionals, and more about what has influenced their mental health, their lives, and their work. When we stop to examine the subtle and not-so-subtle forces that influence our health, we are empowered to decide what we want to let into our lives, what we want to distance ourselves from, and also become more aware of the power we all have to influence others.

Why the pigeons? 
This interview series is inspired by the Nikola Tesla quote “As I review the events of my past life, I realize how subtle are the influences that shape our destinies.”

series goals:

to spotlight talented artists, activists, journalists, mental health professionals and more doing great work in their communities

to examine the life influences that led them to become passionate about their work, and what hurdles they overcame along the way

to examine the subtle (and not-so-subtle) influences on their mental health throughout their journey so far, and how Doorway audience members can learn from their experiences

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