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A streaming experience for learning and healing to help us reconnect with ourselves and our communities. Following the lead of filmmakers in the indie world, we bring you authentic stories that break from the Hollywood tropes.

The Doorway Initiatives

Films that break free of Hollywood tropes to tell stories of healing and awareness via indie filmmakers' unique, authentic voices.

Glam, engaging video courses by mental health professionals, physical health professionals, healthcare system revolutionaries, and disability activists.

Bringing Doorway audiences' original poems on mental health to life through dance and performance.

Uncovering the subtle influences on our mental health so we can change our habits and environment to be our best selves.

Live online and in-person workshops to interact with other Doorway members, Doorway MasterClass teachers, and celebrities featured in Doorway films.

Exploring mental health themes in engaging, action-adventure series designed to entertain and spark positive social discussion.

The "Doorways" to Healing

For humans, for animals, for the world we live in. Promoting wellbeing and understanding for all forms of life.
The meeting points of neuroscience, biology, and mental health.


1. Education

By the modern state of today’s affairs we have lost who we are. But we must keep going forward to find direction in life. Modern circumstances prevent us from knowing who we are. It’s time to change this. We shape the future with education.

2. Awareness

Bringing forth what we once had lost will start a fire in our souls that no one can extinguish. We must fight forward in the day to day You bring forth a new dawn for humanity.

3. Substance

Reaching backwards in our minds we relate to those who came before us and those who will come after. We begin each day anew, refreshed with life as if it were our first.
of engaging documentaries

Doorway #1: Earth

Unless it is discovered, we cannot know what it is we are truly searching for, until the day it comes. Perhaps the knowledge falls down in a stream to be overtaken by a gust of wind that then is overtaken by another stream of consciousness. Once there is nothing left, that is when we find ourselves on the precipice of something new, never be taken away from us.

There and then on the edge of time, lies a place where we all have journeyed, taking us back to the end of time. It is there and then that we are overtaken by a love so strong that it cannot be resisted.

It is there that we are so taken with love, that we may never find our way back to indifference again.

Doorway #2:

When we listen where we lay, all the light shines upon us to bless us ever further than we ever could have imagined. Perhaps it is then that we find ourselves ever so alive, that we lurch forward with our eyes open to awaken to the parts of ourselves we missed.

It is only then that we find within ourselves that which we overlooked, alighting a new fire, taking our minds to a new place, exposing ourselves to things we had never known before, we undertake a new way of living. 

Showing others the path allows us to receive knowledge from other places apart from our own. Until we can do this we cannot receive fully the dance of life. 

Doorway #3: Love

Singing a song that we used to know, we receive ourselves to a new light. Exhaling the old, inhaling the new.

It is then that we no longer need a precipice to land for we are grounded within ourselves.

Taking upon that new day, a new dream emerges into a new song. Enlightened by this, we take upon ourselves to awaken others. Brought together by eclipses shown to us by others, we now realize there is nothing but the truth.