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interactive film streaming for HEALING through art, science, and

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"Healer's MasterClass":

a series of fun and engaging MasterClasses with physical and mental healthcare professionals, disability activi

indie films. masterclasses. interactive projects.

The Doorway Initiatives:

playful education through entertainment.


"From My Mind to Yours" Dance-Poem Project


Healer's MasterClass series


Doorway indie films

upcoming sci-fi, science-based superhero series


of engaging documentaries

Our philosophy

healing. learning. growing.

How can we make self-growth a joyful experience?

a platform for healing:

How do we "heal"?

The path to “healing” is not linear or one dimensional- there are many winding roads and curveballs along the way! Healing is available to us in many modalities and forms, and as we go through life, the kinds of healing we require shift and change. Being aware of the kinds of healing available to us can help us live happier, healthier lives, promote our own growth and wellbeing, as well as uplift those around us. "Healing" is a lifelong practice to maintain a state of wellbeing, creativity, and growth as we move through space and time.

Here at Doorway, we're creating films, MasterClasses, and audience-interactive projects we hope can assist you on your healing journey.
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a platform for learning:

How do we "learn"?

While the art of film is primarily purposed for entertainment, it can also be educational. Why not enjoy films that offer us both values at once? At Doorway, our goal is to provide films that not only entertain, but also teach something new and exciting about the world. It could be a way to care for your health, an introduction to a culture or country, or perhaps a new way of thinking.

In 2022, we're also scheduling both online and offline "Doorway Classrooms" and workshops. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated!

the element of adventure:

How do we "grow"?

We believe one of the most exciting paths to self-growth is to go on an adventure! That's why we have some exciting adventure and science-based science-fiction series coming to Doorway. While learning through documentaries and MasterClasses is an important pathway, escaping into fictional worlds can also help us see from a fresh perspective and renew our sense of wonder.

Our philosophy

science. art. awareness.

our "Three Doorway" approach:

interactive film streaming for healing through art, science, and

1. physical-body healing

"Healer's MasterClass" series with physical health & mental health professionals, disability advocacy

Doorway #1: SCIENCE

2. mental-emotional healing

Independent films, audience-interactive "From My Mind to Yours": Dance-Poem project, collaborations with musicians, illustrators, and more

Doorway #2: ART

"Indie Moon" mental health influences interview series, social and environmental awareness indie films

Indie Doorway's 3-Doorway Approach:

doorway #1: science

1. physical-body healing

Educating the public about modalities to heal the physical body, via MasterClasses with charismatic doctors, plus well-researched documentary films about often misunderstood medical conditions

science icon of a lab beaker
Doorway #2: ART

2. mental-emotional healing

Mental-Emotional healing via films, interview series, and interactive projects with mental health professionals, artists, and local communities

art icon of a camera
Doorway #3: SOCIAL awareness

Documentaries and interviews with social activists, climate scientists, and others working to heal social issues between humans, and rebalance the relationship between humans and the environment

environmental icon of the earth
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Happening Now! 2021:
"From My Mind to Yours" Dance Poem project:
For our first audience-interactive Indie Doorway initiative, we’re inviting our audience members to send us original poems about their mental health. We will then hire actors to read the poems aloud, musicians to compose to them, and dancers to choreograph performances to the poems. We hope this can be a positive healing experience for voices to be heard and expressed creatively and collaboratively. Expressing our emotions through artistic mediums can be a healing force!

Upcoming 2022:
Indie Doorway "Indie Moon" Interview Series:
Interviews with artists, activists, and mental health professionals about what has influenced their mental health, their lives, and their work. When we stop to examine the subtle and not-so-subtle forces that influence our health, we are empowered to decide what we want to let into our lives, what we want to distance ourselves from, and also become more aware of the power we all have to influence others. Interview series inspired by the Nikola Tesla quote "how subtle are the influences that shape our destinies".

science icon of a lab beaker


Upcoming 2022:
Healer's MasterClass Series:
Clear, helpful, to the point explanations of varying kinds of mental and physical health conditions & challenges- and practical tools and tips to help the people living with them and their loved ones. Designed for lay people wanting to understand more about science, medicine, and the human body. Brought to you by charismatic & caring health professionals from across the globe.

environmental icon of the earth

Happening Now! 2021:
Inspiring Indie Films
A growing collection of social issue films from South Korea, the United States, and other countries across the globe. We're creating English subtitles for Korean indie films that have never been translated before- and Korean subtitles for films that currently only exist in English.​ We will also be branching out to other languages upon request.

Why watch indie films for mental health healing?
Our environment inevitably affects our mental health- both our social environment via interactions with other people, as well as our physical environment and relationship to the earth.

Mental-emotional wellbeing is not just about healing the wounds from the past- it’s also about creating a better world in which to live the future! Independent filmmakers can help shed light on social and environmental issues that can help us heal ourselves and the world around us. ​


Youtube views of our launch film "Permission to Exist" fundraising video


network of artists collaborating to create healing content: filmmakers, poets, dancers, writers, musicians, and more


educators, journalists, medical doctors, scientists, and mental health professionals advising us so far


of new healing content, films, and interactive initiatives uploaded each week

featuring on Indie Doorway now:
Now streaming in English & Korean:

Indie Doorway launch film:
"Permission to Exist"

A documentary film nearly a decade in the making, "Permission to Exist" explores how the pressure on South Korean teenagers to adhere to society's strict standards of success affects their mental health. Whether it be getting into the perfect college, or getting cosmetic surgery to achieve the perfect look- how does the pressure society puts on young people affect them in this critical, formative time of their lives? "Permission to Exist" follows four teenagers as they prepare for the Korean College Entrance Exam and life after high school, in this gripping coming-of-age story about self-worth and finding purpose.

Watch the Trailer
poster of film "Permission to Exist"
Now streaming in English & Korean:

Featured Film Now Streaming:
"The S Word"

A documentary film tackles one of the most unfathomable issues of our time; suicide. Opening the conversation to reduce the shame and silence.

THE S WORD is a powerful feature documentary that puts a human face on a topic that has long been stigmatized and buried with the lives it has claimed. The film gives a platform to those with lived experience - people who have attempted to take their own lives and survived to tell their stories. These are the voices that have been silenced for so long and their stories could save lives. Capturing personal revelations and surprising moments of humor, THE S WORD opens a door on this most taboo of subjects through the eyes of the people who have been there and are now committed to preventing others from getting to that edge.

Watch the Trailer
poster of film "The S Word"

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